BigHearted Blooms collects and delivers recycled flowers to brighten the day of those most in need of an emotional lift

BigHearted Blooms started as Sue’s passion project. In her many hours spent in assisted living homes, nursing homes and hospitals helping her mom who battled dementia, she’d met many wonderful people who sometimes just needed an emotional lift.


During her own cancer treatment she realized how fortunate she was to have a great support system and how much that helped her stay positive and strong. She also witnessed first hand how many people were fighting their health challenges alone. When she accidentally came across the organization Random Acts of Flowers (a similar group now operating in four cities around the country) she knew, right then, this idea had to happen in Cleveland. Through one simple act of kindness, so many people, in so many different situations, could have a bit of joy and know that others are thinking of them. So Sue enlisted the help of good friends Sue, Kim and Linda – all successful entrepreneurs and fellow small business owners. They became equally passionate about the idea and BigHearted Blooms was born.


Sue Buddenbaum, Kim Metheny, Linda Smith, Sue Weir
(From Left to Right)